Managing the Triple Threat: Strategies for Older Gay Men with HIV

The latest edition of the journal, Achieve, is devoted to HIV over fifty.  I contributed on stigma entitled: Managing the Triple Threat: Strategies for Older Gay Men with HIV.  Here is the link to the publications page where you can download volume 7, number 3.

2 responses

  1. I was dx with clinical AIDS in 1989 and am aware of the triple stigma. I have wrote several papers in grad school on the “Graying of HIV.” I myself am 59 and have been living with HIV since 1981. I am grateful for the medications that have kept me alive and having a wonderful infectious disease specialist. It truly has been a great experience for me. I have had several opportunistic diseases and am currently blind in my right eye as a result of CMV Retinitis, however I continue to work full-time and am enjoying serving others as a social worker and gerontologist.

    1. Dear Larry,

      Thank you for sharing your resilience and generativity!

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