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Annual Review

It has been an exciting year since the publication of Aging with HIV: A gay man’s guide.  I have met a lot of great people around the country and overseas who are keeping conversations going about the challenges of aging and how people living with HIV can define optimal aging for themselves.

There have been many developments in the field: SAGE developed a policy paper on Aging with HIV; There was an historic White House meeting on HIV and aging; Interesting findings were discussed at the Baltimore Conference on HIV and Aging, the SAGE constituent conference and the 2nd Annual Conference on HIV and Aging in Austin; The HIV and Aging Group built community on Facebook; The National LGBT Aging Resource Center was created; Clinical Guidelines for Medical Management of HIV and Aging were released; and Caring and Aging with Pride published its report on LGBT Aging in the United States.

Aging with HIV was discussed in print and on the web: I talked with Mark S. King on; The Philadelphia Gay News; The New York Times; Edge Magazine; And, the book was reviewed in The Bay Area ReporterLambda Literary Review, and The Gerontologist. And, I’m looking forward to the publication of an interview with Neal Broverman in next month’s Advocate.

It’s been quite a year!

I am looking forward to keeping you posted on new developments in the field.  Aging with HIV is an expanding field.  I am hoping that readers continue to share insights, information, and personal stories with me, so that I can pass them on to the community and keep the conversation going in 2012.


Aging with HIV on the internet TV show Positive OUTlook

On Thursday, Aug. 11th Mike Hellman was a guest on the internet TV show Positive OUTlook, hosted by Nayck Feliz, talking about Aging with HIV and the discussion group he has been facilitating at the Shepherd Wellness Community over the past few weeks.

If you missed it, you can see the show at:

You can also search for Positive OUTlook or Aging with HIV

The Death Sentence That Defined My Life: New York Times

In his Op Ed for the New York Times, “The Death Sentence That Defined My Life,” Mark Trautwein shows us how not dying of AIDS “on schedule” has helped him learn “not to live life on one either.” His story offers insight into the financial, social, and medical challenges of living longer than expected.

My letter to the Editor, published yesterday by the Times discusses the delicate, and sometimes paradoxical, balance between finding your own schedule and getting back on track with life that accompanies aging with HIV.

You can follow the links to read both.

Lambda Literary Reviews Aging with HIV

“At last, the book we’ve been waiting for.”  That is how Mark Thompson begins his review of Aging with HIV: A Gay Man’s Guide for Lambda Literary.

Mr. Thompson gives both a social and personal context for this statement.  His review provides the reader with a description of the book’s contents, tone and relevance for people living with HIV.  I was encouraged by the way he used the book to further a discourse on the subject of aging with HIV.  Lets keep the conversation going!

To read the review go to

Bay Area Reporter Reviews Aging with HIV

Jim Piechota referred to  Aging with HIV: A Gay Man’s Guide as “essential reading” in his review for the Bay Area Reporter.   I appreciate the opportunity to get people talking about this important topic.  To read his article follow this link.

Talking about Aging with HIV on the Michelangelo Signoreli Show

Tune in to hear my interview with Michelangelo Signoreli Show live on Sirius XM’s Out Q: Sirius 109, XM 98 and on the Sirius XM iPhone app this Friday, March 18th at 3:30.

Aging with HIV Featured in The Philadelphia Gay News

Larry Nichols from The Philadelphia Gay News asked me to talk about Aging with HIV.  In answering his questions, I tried to talk about the issues facing this group and stress the importance of addressing the topic of aging in the discourse on living with HIV.    Unfortunately, I rambled a bit.  (I’m not quite used to being interviewed, yet.)  And, he got hold of an old photo of me that looks a little scary, but I appreciated the opportunity to talk about aging with HIV.  Aging with HIV is a growing concern and people living with the virus in middle and older age often feel isolated and invisible.  With increased attention being paid to the concerns of midlife and older people living with HIV we can empower people to get support, build community, and participate in a dialogue to define what it means to age well with HIV.   To read the article, go to the Philadelphia Gay News website.

Michael Signoreli Interview Postponed

Will keep you updated when it is rescheduled.

On the Radio

No, I’m not referring to Donna Summer.  (Well, not exactly.)  I will be on the radio to discuss Aging with HIV.  I am being interviewed by Michael Signoreli for his radio program this Tuesday, March 1st.  You can hear the live interview on Sirius XM’s Out Q: Sirius 109, XM 98 and on the Sirius XM iPhone app.

New Books Arrived

The new copies of Aging with HIV: A Gay Man’s Guide have arrived and they are new and improved. Typesetting errors have been corrected. Most importantly, the typeface is large, which I greatly appreciate. Hope you do, as well.

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