Aging with HIV

With improvements in the treatment of HIV disease, gay men in great numbers are surviving–and thriving–into middle and older age. While increased longevity brings new hope, it also raises unanticipated challenges, particularly for gay men who never thought they would live this long: How do I deal with all the physical changes? Who can I rely on as I get older? Is a relationship still in the cards for me? What about sex? How should I prepare for old age?

A one-of-a-kind guide for gay men aging with HIV, Aging with HIV: A Gay Man’s Guide offers an upbeat, down-to-earth approach for adapting to change, whether driven by age, AIDS, or both. Psychotherapist, James Masten and physician, James Schmidtberger shed light on the many common assumptions and fears of aging with HIV. Aging with HIV provides concrete solutions for facing midlife with a positive outlook, offering a wealth of advice for breaking unhealthy habits and coping mechanisms.

The book describes the nine changes common to gay men as they age with HIV, discusses the four challenges of aging, and offers a unique ten-step path to optimal aging with HIV, helping the reader to tailor the book’s suggestions to the realities of their lives.

Woven throughout the book are first-person narratives from men who recount what worked–and did not work–for them. In addition, Rapid Research, Fast Fact, and Self-Reflection boxes highlight the latest research and challenge readers to take stock of the present–and plan for the future.

An invaluable tool to keep handy and to refer to often, Aging with HIV is an inviting, confident companion to navigating midlife and beyond with HIV.

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Aging with HIV: A Gay Man’s Guide


Oxford University Press


“At last, the book we’ve been waiting for…”

– Lambda Literary

“This affirming treatment of the intersection between aging and HIV/AIDS-related issues is vital.”

– Gerontologist

“The book is a good blend of healthy living advice – physical, emotional and spiritual – and covers the issues associated with HIV and ageing very well indeed.

– Ageing and Society

“This over- all approach of the wellness guide on aging with HIV makes this book invaluable for middle aged gay men as well as aging people in general.”

– AIDS Education and Prevention

Book Endorsements

  • “This comprehensive, evidence-based book is an excellent resource for men with HIV who want to maintain optimum health through midlife and into their senior years. The authors identify the changes and obstacles likely to be encountered and give specific strategies for dealing with them. I recommend it.”

    —Andrew Weil, M.D.

    “Aging with HIV shines the light on a critical subject that has increased in importance over the last decade: the array of issues facing the first generation of people to live and age with HIV. By drawing on the expertise of gay men aging with HIV, Masten and Schmidtberger have produced a practical, step-by-step resource that’s authentically rooted in personal experience and useful to readers of all types.”

    —Michael Adams, Executive Director, SAGE, Inc.

  • “This unique and valuable contribution to the field neatly bridges research and practice. The grounding of this book in the interviews and shared experiences of men living with HIV, enriched by the clinical experience of the author, prompts readers to reflect on their own lives and experiences, and enlivens the words on the page.”

    —Brian de Vries, Ph.D., Professor of Gerontology, San Francisco State University. Co-edited Gay and Lesbian Aging: Research and Future directions.

    “Anyone aging with HIV can benefit from participating in the step-by-step journey this book takes one through. Bravo!”

    —Charles Emlet, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Social Work, University of Washington. Co-Author of HIV/AIDS and Older Adults: Challenges for individuals, families, and Communities

  • “As a psychotherapist working in the LGBT community for over 20 years, I am very excited by this new book. It offers a pragmatic how-to for older gay men that guides them as they negotiate uncharted territory, and it is written with an understanding and concern for the issues they struggle with and the uniqueness of their position in society.”

    —Arlene Kochman, LCSW, former Executive Director, SAGE, Inc.

    “An easy-to-read text with chapters devoted to charting the course of the HIV in aging, steps for wellness, and general health information presented as research briefs and fast facts, with poignant narratives from gay men living and aging with this stigmatizing chronic illness.”

    —Martha A. Gabriel, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Social Work, New York University.

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