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The growing number of people living with HIV in midlife and older age represent a public health challenge that impacts HIV care organizations, medical institutions, aging service providers and agencies that serve the diverse communities affected by HIV.  People aging with HIV are also a powerful resource whose knowledge, resilience, and strength can help your organization meet that challenge.  By engaging this group, you access activists, educators, volunteers and staff who can come to the aid of other members, create innovative solutions, and fuel programs that serve the community.

The AHA Project can help your organization develop individualized, community-based solutions through:

  • AHA groups

The AHA Project plans, organizes and facilitates short term groups tailored to meet the needs of your organization.  Groups focus on information exchange, support, education, mutual aid and advocacy and can be designed for people living with HIV, as well as caregivers, professionals and HIV-affected community members.

  • Training 

The AHA project provides training modules on HIV and Aging.  One day or multi-day workshops and ongoing courses for staff and volunteers on medical/psychosocial issues, education and direct service to older adults living with HIV.  Dr. Masten has presented keynote addresses, papers and talks at conferences across the US.

  • Program and Research Development

We can help your organization conduct needs assessment, identify resources, and create programmatic interventions appropriate to communities you serve.  We can also help you design and implement program evaluation tools and write up your findings to help your organization participate in the definition of best practices in the fields of HIV and aging.

  • Network building

Strong alliances among service providers in the fields of aging and HIV offer opportunities to share knowledge, pool resources, and develop multidisciplinary programs.   The AHA Project can help your organization create networks in your community and connect to experts in the field of HIV and Aging throughout the country.

  • Clinical Supervision

Ongoing support from a qualified professional to build knowledge and skill and help your staff develop to their full potential.

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