Aging with HIV: The Complications of Success

I am pleased to be presenting a workshop with Dr. Stephen Karpiak at the SAGE National Conference and LGBT Expo, “The Future of Aging Is In Our Hands” in New York City.  This session will take place on Saturday November 13th at 10:45-12:15pm in the CUNY Graduate Center, room # 9204.  The conference theme is “Empowerment” and will be organized by and for the LGBT aging community.  Scholarships are available.  For more information about the conference and how to register for our workshop go to the SAGE website.

Here is the workshop description:

By 2015 half of all people living with HIV will be over age 50 in the US.  Effective antiretroviral treatment has transformed HIV into a chronic illness, where a longer life span is achieved. But the aging process for this population is often characterized by the early onset of chronic age-related conditions. Often a 55-65 year old with HIV has the clinical profile of a 75-85 year old.

A lead researcher on HIV and Aging, Dr. Stephen Karpiak, will provide an up to date assessment of the health and psychosocial needs of this dominating HIV population. He will provide an overview of clinical data as well as research which has identified critical psychosocial issues including depression and social isolation. He will present challenges to social networks and successful aging for people living with HIV.

Dr. James Masten will lead a discussion of the challenges of aging with HIV.   He will present a ten-step strategy to optimal aging with HIV, found in his new book, Aging with HIV: A Gay Man’s Guide.  This workshop will help you identify the complications of successful treatment of HIV-disease and develop skills to adapt to the changes of growing older when you’ve lived longer than you expected.

If you like, please let me know if you will be attending and what you would like to get out of the workshop.


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