Aging with HIV Featured in The Philadelphia Gay News

Larry Nichols from The Philadelphia Gay News asked me to talk about Aging with HIV.  In answering his questions, I tried to talk about the issues facing this group and stress the importance of addressing the topic of aging in the discourse on living with HIV.    Unfortunately, I rambled a bit.  (I’m not quite used to being interviewed, yet.)  And, he got hold of an old photo of me that looks a little scary, but I appreciated the opportunity to talk about aging with HIV.  Aging with HIV is a growing concern and people living with the virus in middle and older age often feel isolated and invisible.  With increased attention being paid to the concerns of midlife and older people living with HIV we can empower people to get support, build community, and participate in a dialogue to define what it means to age well with HIV.   To read the article, go to the Philadelphia Gay News website.


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