New Group Forming

HIV and Aging Group

Living longer than you ever expected offers new hope and possibilities, yet growing older with HIV also comes with unique challenges.  This short term working group is designed to help gay men over age forty adapt to the changes that accompany aging with HIV.  Through group discussion, exercises and mutual aid you will reassess where you are in life and reevaluate your goals for the future.

Aging with HIV is new territory.  Get support from other gay men to help you define for yourself what optimal aging with HIV means to you.

The details:

  • 12 week group beginning spring 2014
  • Date/Time to be determined
  • 6-8 participants
  • $50 per 90 minute session
  • Psychotherapist led/ Confidential
  • Financial District Manhattan location

James Masten, PhD, LCSW is the author of Aging with HIV: A Gay Man’s Guide (2011) Oxford University Press and a psychotherapist in private practice.


For a free consultation call, please don’t hesitate to call.



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